Muscle Building Workouts for Bodybuilders - Arms & Legs App Reviews

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Highly recommended

Highly recommended! Fabulous app! Very clear and simple to use.

Very Good!

I love the great exercises included as well as the crisply detailed graphics. I tried the plate curl exercise right away and felt that it really hit my biceps at a slightly different angle - it felt great! I hope the developers add a nutrition tips/sample meal plan section to this app because it doesnt matter how well you follow the exercises or how hard you work in the gym if youre not fueling your body correctly. Obviously, Craig looks fantastic and Im sure he has some great nutritional advice to share!

Craig Ramsay new app

This app is awesome ! Clear, simple, and very thorough ! It makes it very simple to get awesome results in the gym! I very highly recommend any one reading this to get this app if u truly value your health! Craig Ramsay and this amp rocks!

Great app!

Love the muscle info--very handy to have in the gym when Im working out. The trainers tips are helpful too.

My own personal pocket trainer!

I am a person that works out religiously and I can tend to get in a rut and do the same excercises, this app keeps my workout fresh by giving me new ideas ( and old ones Ive forgotten!)

Way too much

This app is useful but $3.99??? Way too much for such a simple app. If it had motion graphics of each workout it would be totally worth it.

Very basic

Im disappointed with this app. Its basic and doesnt have creative options for exercises. Theyre mostly single joint. If you know anything about strength training this app will not teach you anything new. Its definitely not worth $4.


Only arms and legs, nothing else despite higher price! Doesnt show any movement in the exercise - only photos. Check out "iMuscle" - much more dynamic and information that addresses every muscle in body.


Fantastic app! Very detailed instructions and illustrations of exercises. Cant wait for the next in the series!

Terrific and Easy To Use!

Finally I can have a trainers expertise at my fingertips when I need a new exercise or forget what I am supposed to be doing. The details that Craig provides are explained in clear, concise text and simple to follow for the novice or pro in the gym. And his trainer tips are spot on. You will be glad you got this one!

A perfect exercise reference app!

I love this app! Im still finding my way around the gym at times and this is a really great reference tool for improving my general workout as well as shaking up and planning different routines. I love that you can search by exercise or muscle group and I really like how the app is laid out. I particularly enjoy the fact that there are stretches included alongside the regular exercises as well. Ive used a lot of different exercise apps and those are rarely present. Theres a lot of helpful information to be had in a simple and easy-to-use interface! Perfect! :)

A+! Excellent Fitness App

Craig is a renowned and reputable trainer in the fitness industry, so this app is a real deal since its like having his personal training tips at your finger tips any time you need them. He designed a resourceful app that is extremely helpful and includes anatomical illustrations to accompany each exercise. Form is crucial in order to truly benefit from a work out and his descriptions of the muscles engaged in each exercise helped me visualize what my muscles were doing as I performed the exercises. I recommend this app to people of all fitness levels and am happy with my purchase!

Needs an update

This app would be great if it should you the full movement of the exercise not just pictures of the start. Im sure this guy is "well renown" but if I was to judge by this app I would think he was only out for money and his reputation not good, wouldnt recommend this to anyone.

Are you joking?

This app only gives you 6 or so exercises for you legs and arms only. Dont get CONNED into paying 3.99 for 13 exercises. Come on man!

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